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Nina’s Well-Used Hairy Asshole

May 7, 2008 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



This girl Nina from the mature and hairy section has a very nice hairy cunt and a well-used hairy asshole. She’s 37 years old and currently has five huge galleries available.

Nina is an excellent spreader and loves to spread her hairy cunt and ass. When I first saw her I noticed that half her bush seems to be missing, and it wasn’t until this gallery appeared that I really noticed that she has a scar on her inner thigh. It looks like something pretty major happened to her once, and I’m glad she’s ok now though. I’m also glad that she’s here and spreading her nice fuckable pussy and ass for us all to see. She’s doing an amazing job!

This hairy girl works as a cleaner and says that she likes it doggy. No wonder her asshole looks so well-used. I bet she could take a cock up her ass nice and deep.

Nina is from London, England and says she likes men in suits. So put on your shirt and tie and go pound Nina from behind over a desk. I’m sure she’d give you a very nice fucking. Nina is a very sweet little chick.

You can see all of Nina’s huge excellent galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy.

I love her hairy pussy

Dec 13, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

Anyone know who this big hairy pussy girl from ATK Natural and Hairy is? I found her while looking a thumbnail galleries at Hairy Pussy Thumbs. It is so hairy, has a hairy asshole, but also has some big pussy lips. Here is the gallery link:

I love her hairy pussy

I am sure if you check out ATK Natural and Hairy, you will find hundreds more of her. They also have some other free samples of their other hairy teen girls.

Also if you are looking for thumbnail gallery links, check out Hairy Pussy Thumbs.

New Hairy Babe Ola

Dec 12, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



This hairy cutie Ola first appeared at Natural and Hairy on December 2nd, and has two nice galleries so far in the scary hairy section.

She’s got hairy arms, a nice ass, and the hair from her pussy goes right up into her ass crack. This is the kind of chick that if you saw her fully-clothed you’d probably think that she has a hairy pussy… and you’d be right!

So far Ola seems to be a decent spreader. I love the cunt ring she’s got too. This is one very sexy little babe.

Ola also has a full bio available. She works as a translator and loves sex toys. Forget the toys. She can have my dick for her own personal use anytime!

This 22 year old hairy sweetie is from Russia. Her favorite sexual positions are on top or doggie. She could take her pick. I’m not fussy.

You can see all of Ola’s nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary hairy girl

Nov 28, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

This is another gem from ATK Natural and Hairy! This is what you call Scary Hairy! Not only does she have a huge hairy cunt, but also a hairy asshole, hairy legs, and hairy armpits. Yes, hairy pits I said. Look really close in the first picture and you can see the long armpit hair. Take a close up look at her, because you won’t see them get much hairier than her!

Scary Hairy Girl Hairy leg girl with big hairy cunt

ATK Scary Hairy Girl Scary Hairy Girl Spreading her pussy and legs


Tan Hairy Pussy Girl

Nov 11, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

WARNING… These are some big pussy lips! This girl from ATK Hairy is just amazing. Let’s start with her cute innocent face, perfect body (did you see her six pack abs), nice petite tits (are they fake?), sexy belly button ring, and then you get to her pussy. Extra thick and hairy, but damn she has some big pussy lips! Most people call that roast beef. But not only is a roast beef pussy it also seems really long. I swear that is a big pussy for such a petite girl.

Tan Hairy pussy girl big hairy pussy lips

Hairy pussy spreading Close up big hairy pussy and asshole

If you look closely in picture 4 you will see it looks like she is also into anal sex. When I saw her set inside ATK Hairy, I had to go through them all.. I was in amazement. Go to ATK Hairy now and YOU can also see her complete sets! Get A LOT MORE of her, click here!

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Hairy Asshole Spreading

Nov 5, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy

We all love hairy pussy spreading! Not only is she a hairy pussy spreader but she also has a hairy asshole that she likes the spread. This dirty girl from ATK Hairy has a nice full hairy pussy and hairy asshole. Is that red pussy hair? Fire crotch?

ATK Hairy Pussy SPreader   ATK Hairy asshole

hairy spreading  hairy asshole spreading

I love the pantyhose and high heels too! If you look really close at picture 4 you will see how nice and tight her hairy pussy looks! If you like high quality close ups you gotta got ATK Hairy, they also have free samples!

If you want to see a mature hairy pussy spreader, check out: Mature lady in pantyhose spreads hairy pussy

Russian teen with thick hairy pussy

Oct 31, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

We all love hairy russian girls and especially russian teens with thick hairy pussies… Yummy! Look at this blonde teen with a dark thick furburger. Anyone hungry? I know I am? I would wrap that pussy hair around my tongue all day…

Russian teen with thick hairy pussy

russian young hairy pussy atk  Closeup russian hairy pussy teenie

Cute little smile, nice small tits, big clit, and that thick hairy bush! Want more of her? CLICK HERE 

Thanks to ATK Young and Hairy, Hairy Pussy Shots, and the Hairy Forum.

Nice hairy ass

Oct 15, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

This is one bad bitch! This hot slut from ATK Hairy is a dirty girl! Look at her putting that ass in the air, bending over, just begging for some cock. Nice thick legs, sexy fuck me face, and a great hairy pussy and asshole. If you look close you can see her asshole has been fucked many times. She is an anal princess!

Nice hairy ass  Hairy pussy girl bending over

I got some more of her in her sexy little skirt dress stripping down, post a comment below and I will post some more. Her spread inside ATK Hairy is amazing.

Hairy Russian Olga

Oct 6, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



Olga is 31 years old and is a manager of a shop. She’s from Russia, but I’m sure you could have figured that out before I told you. She has that sort of euro-girl look to her, doesn’t she?

She’s one of the forgotten hairy cuties from ATK, and she’s a pretty decent spreader. I don’t remember Olga ever being all that popluar anyway, but I’ve always liked her myself. Some of the things that I like about this Olga dish are her nice bush (of course), and her hairy ass. She’s also got a nice set of nuts on her too.

Her slit looks great in the second picture. I’d like to rub her wet cunt from behind and then stick my dick up her. She looks like a decent girl. 

You can see more of Olga at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Anna hairy pussy pigtail girl

Oct 1, 2007 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens

Check out Anna from All Hairy! This one is a gem! Perfect body, hot face, great tits, nice tan skin, thick dark hairy pussy, and sexy long legs. I also love the little pigtails she is wearing. Makes her look nice and cute.

Anna Hairy Pigtails  hairy pussy teen from All Hairy

anna in pigtails  hairy pussy anna

Anna has a bunch more pictures inside ALL HAIRY. She loves stripping and getting totally nude, you will love her.

ATK Natural & Hairy
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