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Average Looking Hairy Girl

Oct 18, 2009 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



This very average looking girl Joe is kind of new around ATK Hairy. She’s got six galleries available so far, and she’s not a bad spreader either.

Joe has hairy legs, hairy armpits, a hairy ass and a nice bush. So far she’s provided us hairy pussy lovers with some pretty nice galleries.

I like the part of this gallery where she is on the couch doggy style. She looks like she’s totally ready to be fucked. How’d you like to get behind her there and slip it right in?

Joe is 21 years old and kind of reminds me a bit of another hairy girl called Alex.

This horny thing works as a waitress and often fantasizes about having sex with her customers in the back room of the restaurant that she works at. That’s so sweet. A simple invitation would get her some serious results though.

You can see all of Joe’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Doll Has Hair Everywhere

Jun 9, 2009 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



This girl named Doll is still kind of new around Natural & Hairy. She’s got five excellent galleries available so far, and every one of them has been marked as hot by the members of the site.

This chick looks pretty nice even when she has her clothes on, but once she gets naked you quickly notice that she’s got hair everywhere. Besides that thick forest between her legs, she also has a hairy ass, hairy arms, hairy legs, hairy pits and she even has a treasure trail. Add all that to the fact that she’s an excellent spreader, and it’s no wonder this babe has been getting such raving reviews so far.

Doll is 25 years old and is a hotel manager. She’s from England and says that wants to have a family one day. If you’d like to deposit some sperm up her hairy twat, then I think you’d have to pretty much get in line. This chick has turned out to be quite popular already, and I for one can’t wait to see her next bunch of sets.

Judging by what we’ve seen so far of her already, those new ones are going to be great too. All her galleries are huge and show off her hair from just about every angle imaginable.

You can see all of Doll’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Mature Hairy Cunt Lizzy

Jan 12, 2009 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



This mature hairy babe Lizzy has done alot of very excellent work for ATK Hairy so far. These shots are from her 17th amazing gallery which was released today, and as you can tell, she’s got a very hairy pussy and beautiful, thick pussy lips. She’s also an excellent spreader.

I’ve liked this dish from the very first time I saw her. That first gallery was memorable for sure. That was the set where she was in a bride’s dress and was spreading like crazy outside. She’s got a pussy ring on those lips as well, and she spreads with the best of them for sure. What a wicked spreader. And she looks extremely fuckable when she’s got her legs open wide too.

Lizzy also loves to show off her hairy ass as well. And of course in all those excellent shots of her from behind, you always see her thick pussy lips hanging down.

All of those excellent galleries total up to almost 3,600 excellent photos. She’s provided us with alot of quality jerkoff material already, and already, I can’t wait to see what her next set is going to look like. She’s also got 16 movies available as well.

Check out all of Lizzy’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy and get ready to shoot some cum!

Hairy Teen Cervia

Sep 13, 2008 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teens



This hairy teenager Cervia is a nice dish and a nice spreader. She sure seems to love those big rings, and what a coincidence… I love her hairy pussy too, so I think we should fuck.

Cervia is 19 years old and is a student. She says she likes rock music, folk and acid jazz. Acid jazz, huh? So does that mean she likes to do a hit of acid every now and then and listen to jazz? If so, then I’d love to spend some time hanging out with this chick. But instead of acid jazz, let’s listen to some acid Zeppelin and spend our time fucking. Her hairy pussy looks pretty tight, doesn’t it?

She would like to be a teacher or open a strip club. That’s quite a choice. She gets turned on by kissing, watching or reading erotica, or by tattoos.

Judging from her bio, this hairy girl seems like she’d be open to just about any suggestion. She’d like to be taped while having sex, to use handcuffs, have sex with two men or with two women. I like it. And I like her hairy cunt.

You can see more of Cervia at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Well-used Hairy Asshole

Sep 6, 2008 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



This awesome hairy babe Allison has done alot of work for ATKingdom during her short modelling career there. This chick is a sweetheart and she’s got a very nice hairy slit. She also has a nice hairy ass that looks like it gets alot of use by some lucky guy. Or maybe by a bunch of lucky guys, who knows?

Allison is 21 years old and is a student. She’s currently studying optometry and hopes to graduate at the top of her class. And speaking of… anything, I’d love to fuck this awesome hairy babe. I’ve always liked this chick.

She says she’s love to be tied down and ravaged by 5 or 6 men. I’m sure we could find some willing participants around here who’d gladly give it to her.

Allison is from France and says her favorite position is bent over the dryer. I always knew this hairy girl would make a good housewife.

What I found to be interesting from her bio was that she said she gets turned on by knowing that there are men whacking off to her photos on the internet.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Tiffany shows her hairy pussy

Aug 24, 2008 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy

Tiffany oh Tiffany, we just love how you get naked and show us your tight pussy with that thick black bush! What an amazing pussy she has, nice and tight too… Yummy!

Tiffany hairy pussy Amateur taking clothes off to show hairy bush

nice ass on this hairy pussy girl Tiffany hairy pussy closeup

Look at the nice big round ass!! I would love to bend that thing over. I also love her fresh pussy lips and tight hairy asshole. Tiffany you are a keeper! Want more Tiffany now? CLICK HERE, ATK Natural and Hairy has what you are looking. Don’t keep Tiffany waiting for long, her pussy is call your name.. Visit Today!

Hairy Bush Girl

Aug 15, 2008 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy

Meet Leah, this hairy pussy girl from ATK Hairy has not shaved her or trimmed her bush in years. Look at the thickness of it! She also has a super hairy asshole and loves to spread and show it to the world. You gotta see some of the amazing spreading and full bush shots she has inside ATK Hairy

ATK Leah   hairy bush panties to the side

Thick hairy bush girl   hairy bush and hairy asshole spreading

She has a nice petite frame, tiny titties, sexy high heels, and I love when she pulls her panties to the side. This one is a keeper! Get all pics right now at ATK Hairy, what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE

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Hairy Goth Chick

Aug 6, 2008 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



I really enjoyed checking out this awesome gallery and movies series of this hairy goth chick from Horny Hairy Girls. Some of you may know Rodney Moore’s site as Seattle Hairy Girls, but whatever you want to call it, it’s pretty awesome.

There are alot of very hairy babes to be found there, and Rodney bangs every one of them and almost always shoots a load of cum on each one too. Almost every gallery and movie series has some kind of story to it as well, which I’ve also found to be very entertaining throughout the years.

In this one, this hairy goth chick named Polly answers an ad for Gothic Modelling but Rodney has the wrong idea of what’s Gothic. No matter, she’s a good sport about it and is soon modeling a very non-gothic, see-through pink nightie. But when Rodney sees that she has a massive bush, he can’t control himself and starts to jerk off. She laughs and negotiates a new contract with him that involves modeling his cock in her hands and between her massive rack.

The photo shoot ends with a Rodney Blast all over her tits. This chick does have a very nice bush and a massive set of tits on her too. She’s also got a hairy ass crack and hairy arms.

Rodney is truly a lucky guy to have banged all these awesome hairy babes. If I could personally stick it up even a tenth of the nice hairy ladies he’s fucked then I’d be happy too.

There are also six movie clips to go with this nice gallery.

You can see all the Seattle Hairy Girls and their impressive thick bushes at Horny Hairy Girls.

Hairy Redhead Polly

Jun 23, 2008 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy


This chick Polly is kind of new around Natural & Hairy. She’s got four new galleries and long, red pubes.

Polly is a happy chick and she’s a pretty good spreader too. She’s 20 years old and is very slim.

Her bust size is 28DD, she has a 24″ waist and she’s only 5’5. You could do pretty much whatever you like physically with this little honey.

She’s a student from the UK, and she’s into spikey hair, modelling and soccer. She says her favorite position is squatting from behind. There are plenty of shots of her in this position, and basically every position. Her galleries are huge, so there are lots of nice shots of her hairy cunt.

Polly also has a hairy asshole too. She’s interested in trying out some bondage, so you could tie her up and stick your dick right up her hairy ass and she’d love you for it!

You can see all of Polly’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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Very Hairy Babe Clarice

Jun 1, 2008 Author: hairyforum | Filed under: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Assholes, Hairy Pussy



I was looking through my files the other day and came across a few hundred excellent shots of Clarice. She used to be one of my favorite hairy models, but I had forgotten all about her. She’s extremely hairy, and in some of the shots you can see her very hairy arms, her hairy legs, her hairy pits, her hairy ass or her thick hairy cunt. I guess it just depends what you’re looking at.

There never was much info in her bio, all it really ever said is that she’s 26 years old. But she made a ton of excellent galleries in her time, and I’m sure she was on everyone’s favorite hairy models list.

ATK Natural and Hairy has so many awesome hairy babes that have been long-forgotten about by now, it’s crazy. It’s always a pleasure when I go through my files looking for hairy girls to talk about, because I can always find something sweet.

ATK is the biggest and the best hairy pussy site online ever. Their daily updates are huge, and all their categories of hairy women are excellent. My favorites are the scary hairy section of course, followed by the mature and hairy section. It would take you months just to check out these two section alone. The biggest section by far is the young and hairy section. Right now they’re working on something like volume 1028.

You can easily find a ton of awesome hairy babes at ATK Natural & Hairy.

ATK Natural & Hairy
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