This sweet hairy chick Amber was requested because she’s a great spreader and she also has a bit of a treasure trail. I’ve always liked this girl too, so here are a few more shots from this famous gallery.

One of our readers saw this page of Katerina and saw one shot of Amber on it at the bottom. I posted that page about two years ago now and can’t even remember where. But here is the link, it’s worth checking out again… it’s actually a splash page about the very hairy Katerina.

Amber was 20 years old when she first started her modelling career at ATK Hairy. She’s got a 34B bust and only a 28″ waist, and weighs in at 120 pounds. That reminds me… I’d love to pound that nice hairy cunt of her’s any time she wants. She looks sexy when she lifts her arms over her head and you can see her hairy armpits and see her spreading her nice hairy cunt. That is some really awesome stuff for sure. What a babe.

She says she likes hairy men, and wants to find a man who can do it for hours. Like, where the fuck has she been looking anyway? Why hasn’t she found me yet? And even if she never does find me, hasn’t any of the guys she met ever heard of viagra? It’ll keep you hard for 5 or 6 hours no problem. These days it’s almost impossible NOT to be able to please a hairy sweetheart like this chick.

Ok, now back to today’s hairy spreader, Amber… she fantasizes about having sex at work. If she’s looking for a job, I’d gladly create a secretarial position for her, and she could have all the sex at work she wants. I guess she would have to actually do some work sometimes, like maybe answer the phone now and then or make me coffee and stuff. It would be a pleasure to have something like this hanging around the office. Especially if she was wearing some skimpy lingerie. You’d have to lock the doors for sure. Right now, Amber is working as a topless waitress.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.